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200 watts (70 watts for horn, 130 watts for low rotor)
Fast/Slow/Stop speed control
12AX7 tube pre amp with adjustable bias
800Hz crossover
Two 1/4-inch balanced inputs with pre gain and mode controls
Master volume, bass, middle, treble, high cut, horn volume
Subwoofer 1/4-inch output, direct 1/4-inch output
Two horn mics, one low rotor mic, three XLR outputs
One 12-inch low rotor speaker, one 80 watt MS 1.2 rotary horn driver
Removable caster set
24.5"H 20"W 17"D 65 lbs

PRO-145 Full Mechanical Rotary Organ Amp

The PRO-145 is designed specifically for modern compact organs and features an actual mechanical rotary horn and mechanical rotary drum to provides the true rotary speaker sound of the 60's and 70's. The PRO-145 includes Fast/Slow/Stop speed control, dual 1/4-inch inputs and an 800Hz crossover between the rotary horn and rotary bass drum. The different ramp up/down times between the rotary horn and rotary bass drum deliver exciting classic rotary organ speaker sound. However, unlike low-powered traditional rotary organ speakers, the PRO-145 also delivers 200 watts total power that can easily fill small-to-medium rooms and live venues.

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